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Gateway To Arabic Extension Book 1

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Gateway to Arabic Extension Book One addresses in particular the needs of students who have completed Book Two of the Gateway series and wish to have the opportunity to practise further the skills they have acquired. This book aims to engage the student in a variety of language games, exercises and dialogue activities that will serve to reinforce the vocabulary, grammar and skills they have already learned in Book Two. In addition, it introduces additional extensive vocabulary, new sentence structures and conversational skills in a lively, interactive manner, and it is ideally suited for use in the classroom.This book covers:

Personal details: talking about oneself
Likes and dislikes
Moving house: rooms, furniture and household items
Talking about countries, nationalities and languages
Everyday activities and hobbies
Shopping: shops and their merchandise
Comprehensive colours and their usage
Animals: pets, zoo and farm animals
Prepositions: asking and describing where things are
Introduction to simple forms of past and present verbs
Extensive classroom language games and activities
Reference list of nouns and their plurals