GCSE ISLAM: The Do-It-YourSelf Guide

This project started from three origins.

The Association of Muslim Researchers (AMR) launched a distance learning scheme to enable any interested student to gain the newly-created qualification of GCSE Islam (Edexcel 1478/9) by postal tuition.

The UK Islamic Mission (UKIM) needed a book for use in their madrasahs which would enable their students to gain a state qualification as well as to continue their programme of Islamic Studies.

The writer and teacher Ruqaiyya Waris Maqsood retired from classroom teaching after 33 years at the 'chalk face' but still had the urge to teach; plus the burning ambition to enable any interested Muslim to gain GCSE Islam; even if they were unable to study at school.

For the first time in UK it is now possible for a student to do GCSE Islam without any other world faith accompanying it; and for the first time it is possible to qualify by examination alone; without course-work handed in to a teacher over a two-year period. All you have to do is study the syllabus; get the. course-books; do the 'hard-work'; then you can put in your entry for GCSE Islam; walk in; and do it

Islamic Vision
Author: Ruqqiyah Waris Maqsood
Binding: Paper Back

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Save 15% on your first order