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Hajj & Umrah The Islamic Pilgrimage A to Z

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Hajj & Umrah The Islamic Pilgrimage A to Z

This is an illustrated guide-book, which includes charts, diagrams and photographs. Besides laying out the details of Hajj in a simple format this books other purpose is to alleviate the tension, anxiety and fear that some pilgrims may experience due to preconceived ideas about the difficulties of performing Hajj/pilgrimage.

The book is formatted as follows:
- A. before Hajj Time
- B. Types of Hajj
- C. Before Travelling
- D. Reach Miqat
- E. Start Ihram
- F. Go to Makah
- G. Make Tawaf
- H. Make Sa'ee
- I. End Ihram
- J. Start Ihram
- K. Stay in Mina
- L. Attend Arafat
- M. Stay in Muzdallifah
- N. Jamrat al Aqabah
- O. Slaughter a Sacrifice
- P. Cut Your Hair
- Q. Make Tawaf
- R. Make Sa'ee
- S. Stay in Mina
- T. Throw Pebbles
- U. Stay in Mina
- V. Throw Pebbles
- W. Stay in Mina
- X. Throw Pebbles
- Y. Make Tawaf
- Z. Back Home