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Heavenly Bites: The Best of Muslim Home Cooking

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Heavenly Bites is the first multinational Muslim cookbook that features the best of Muslim cooking to be found from Morocco to Bangladesh, which is all part of the dynamic food culture of modern-day Muslim London, served up by Karimah bint Dawood, the TV presenter, cook and convert to Islam.

With the ever-growing popularity of "Eastern" cooking in the Western world, this book assembles together some of the best-loved dishes, featuring 50 recipes for soups, salads, snacks and starters, smoothies, main courses and sweets. If you want to expand your cooking skills or learn some new dishes from your Muslim neighbours or you simply want to learn more about the international tastes of the Muslim world, then this is the ideal cookbook for you.

First Muslim cookbook, based on the best of Muslim cooking from Morocco to Bangladesh to be found in Muslim London.

50 recipes: soups, salads, snacks and starters, smoothies, main courses, marinades and sweets.

Full of stories about food culture and cuisine in Muslim communities.

Helath tips

Cultural and religious wisdom about food and cuisine

Humourous and personal anecdotes about cuisine and culture

Easy step-by-step instructions

Fully illustrated

Measurements in metric and imperial, UK and US measurements