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How Can I Get Closer to ALLAH?

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How Can I Get Closer to ALLAH?

What every Muslim woman needs to know about her menses and after giving birth

Whenever a Muslim woman has a question about her religion, she should seek the answer in the Qur’an (ALLAH's revealed Word) and the Sunnah (the example in word and deed) of His Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace of ALLAH be upon him). If the answer is not found in these two sources, she should look to trustworthy Muslim scholars for help. She is encouraged to read, study, and learn as much as she can about her religion, for the search for religious knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim individual.

A Muslim woman who is learning about her religion finds out quickly that the menstrual period and the period of bleeding after childbirth (postpartum bleeding) are times for her to leave off certain acts of worship such as formal prayer and fasting. It is important for believing women to be aware of exactly which acts are forbidden and which ones are permitted to them in these situations. This book is intended to clear up the issue as much as possible, with ALLAH’s permission.