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Ikmaalush Shiyam

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Ikmaalush Shiyam - Perfection Of Morals

Shaykh 'Abdullah Gangohi's commentary on the The Kitab al-Hikam of Shaykh Ibn `Ata'illah written on the instruction of his Shaykh, the famous Hadith Scholar Shaykh Khalil Ahmad Saharanpuri.

Ikmalush Shiyam (Perfection of Morals) is a treatise for the Muhibbeen (Lovers of Allah). Although every Mumin is a Lover of Allah, this treatise is largely directed to the attention of the Muhibbeen who are conscious of Divine Love. Nevertheless, it will benefit even the unconscious lovers by inducing in them some consciousness of the love lying dormant in their hearts which have been created for being the Abodes of Divine Love. Since Ikmalush Shiyam is a treatise for Muhibbeen, it speaks the language of love, Divine Love. Thus, the book abounds with paradoxes and seemingly contradictory calls and cries sounded for the guidance of those who understand the language of Allahs Love. The advices and prescriptions herein are balm for the Souls searching the Path of Love, leading to their Beloved, Allah Azza Wa Jal. This book is not for the rational probing of a sceptic mind stunted by crass materialism.

Commentary by Shaykh Abdullah Gangohi

Translated by Majlisul Ulama of South Africa