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Introducing the Quran / Hasanuddin Ahmed

The Quran is a collection of divine revelations delivered to the Prophet of Islam, directing him to communicate these revelations to mankind as a guidance to those who cared to live aright. It has been a charter for humanity upwards of fourteen hundred years. Broadly speaking the Quranic studies can be divided into two categories: the study of the contents of the Quran and the study about the Quran. The present study relates to the latter category. Scholarly and scientific studies of different aspects of knowledge which are related to the Quran such as its script, its recitation, its compilation, arrangement of its chapters, its inimitable nature etc. were taken up in earlier centuries. The scope of each study gradually began to widen. Eminent scholars produced voluminous literature on each branch of study. Each constituted a study by itself. All these sciences together were termed as Ulum-al-Quran. In this book a gist of sixteen sciences has been presented. The aim is to help towards a better understanding of the various facets of the study about the Quran by providing all relevant information. This book will serve as a companion volume to the student of the Quran.

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Author: Hasanuddin Ahmed
Binding: Paperback