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Introducing The Quran To Non-Muslims

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major misunderstanding is prevalent not only among non-Muslims but
among Muslims too that the Quran is of Muslims or for Muslims. This is
far removed from reality. The Quran is addressed to all of mankind and
keeps a treasure open to anyone who approaches to it with an open heart
and unprejudiced mind.

'Introducing the Quran to non-Muslims' is an
endeavour in the direction of presenting a proper introduction of the
Quran to non-Muslims and ignorant Muslims. In writing this introductory
book, the author has kept in mind that he is presenting it to a person
whose knowledge of Islam is at a minimal level but who is eager to know
the main points of the Quran in clear, plain and unambiguous language.
Quran is a collection of wisdom which can be adopted by the most
intelligent of men, the greatest of philosophers and the most skilful of
politicians. This book is written in a manner as if the reader is
sitting with the author engaged in a dialogue. The presentation of the
book is not in an academic form but it is more akin to a student's
handbook; understandable to laypersons and to those even with an initial
knowledge of Islam. Apart from dealing with the usual social, moral,
spiritual, legal, military and political frontiers, it also touches
authentically upon scientific spheres. An amalgamation of around thirty
chapters and sub-chapters all well researched and critically examined
articles, this book may be esteemed as one of the finest handbooks of
reference not only for non-Muslims but for even the Muslim readers
curious to study the Quran other than for holy purposes. The book on
one hand addresses the dynamics of the Quran in scientific references
and on the other, convincingly answers all doubts pointing towards the
huge differences which lie between the religion explained and the
religion practiced.