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iPray Salah Pad – Girl

iPray Salah Pad – Girl

Teaching everything from the 5 Salah times to the full prayer with Adhan, Iqama, Dua's and much more.
• Nicely illustrated to see the steps in Wudhu and Salah
• Press the play buttons under each picture to hear and learn how to perform Wudhu and Salah
• Press and follow each play button to hear the recitation in each position in Salah
• Press the i button to hear details for each positon in Salah
• Press the Adhan button to hear the beautiful call to prayer
• Press the Dua buttons to hear Dua'a after Adhan and Wudhu
• Learn how many rakahs there are in each Salah and Dua's after Salah
This is a great way to help children enjoy learning the values and correct way to perform Salah - fun, interactive and innovative.
• Comes ready to use with 3 x AAA batteries included
• Boy iPray pad has male voice recitations
• Comes with its own very detailed Beginners Guide to Salah to supplement the iPray pad