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Islam The Solution To The World’s Perplexing Social Problems

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Islam The Solution To The World’s Perplexing Social Problems

Today, even the Muslim society is, in general, at variance with real Islam. Yet, the teachings of Islam cater to the needs of humanity, and the problems affecting modern society can be solved through proper implementation of Islamic Law. The world is plagued by social unrest, poverty, prostitution, crime, drug addictions, family break-ups, and diseases such as AIDS. The author gives the statistics of this crisis and discusses some of the reasons that these situations exist, and then gives the solutions for these problems from the divine guidance of Islam. The author asks: How can current global problems can be solved through Islam, when Muslims themselves do not implement it? He makes a passionate plea for Muslims to think ‘global’, break down the barriers to their unity and brotherhood, and adhere to the Qur’an and Sunnah. By doing so, they can revive the golden age of the Muslim Ummah. Then, non-Muslims will take notice and be able to appreciate the wisdom and beauty of Islam.