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Islamic Studies Grade 1 (6-7 years) Set

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Year 2 (Ages 6-7):

- 2 Student Books

- 2 Activity Books

On completion the student should be able to:

Name the basic elements of Islam and pronounce the Shahaadah (testimony of faith) correctly

Identify some of the creations of Allah

Pronounce the words ?Rabbiy- Allaah,? (my Lord is Allah )

?Deeniyya al-Islaam,?(my religion is Islam) and ?Nabiyyee Muhammad (my Prophet is Muhammad)

Memorize the soorahs from Soorah at-Teen to Soorah al-Humazah correctly

Demonstrate proper care for a personal copy of the Noble Qur'aan, and learn to respect and revere it

Demonstrate some knowledge of the life of the Prophet

Display attentiveness to cleanliness and hygiene in personal attire

Define istinjaa? and istijmaar

Identify the five obligatory prayers

Recite the day and night words of dhikr

Treat his/ her parents kindly

Demonstrate respect for private property.