Islamic Studies Grade 2 (7-8 years) Set

Year 2 (Ages 6-7):

- 2 Student Books

- 2 Activity Books

On completion the student should be able to:

Know the general meaning of the shahaadah ( testimony of faith ).

Enumerate the basic principles of faith (Arkaan al-Eemaan).

Strengthen his love for Allah and the Prophet .

Memorise and recite from Soorah al-Burooj to Soorah ash-Sharh correctly.

Show a sense of humility while reciting the Qur?an.

Get acquainted with the characteristics of the Prophet .

Perform ablution in the correct manner.

Get acquainted with the obligatory prayers and the number of raka ?aat of each.

Know how to perform the prayer practically.

Know the qiblah of Muslims.

Persist in reciting the recommended adhkaar (remembrances of Allah ) in their due


Treat teachers and peers in a good way.

Preserve the property of his her house and his her school.

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