Islamic Studies Grade 3 (8-9 years) Set

Year 4 (Ages 8-9):

- 2 Student Books

- 2 Activity Books

On completion the student should be able to:

Know the meaning and importance of Ihsaan in Islam.

Provide proof for Allah's Lordship as it is manifested in His Creation.

Do everything for the sake of Allah

Memorize and recite from Soorah al-Burooj to Soorah al Inshiqaaq properly.

Observe the manners and rules of recitation.

Study some of the stories of the Prophet .

Know the nullifiers of wudoo? (ablution).

Specify the times of the obligatory prayers.

Observe prayers in congregation in their due times.

Know how to perform adhaan (the call to prayer) and the iqaamah.

Preserve mosques and their contents.

Treat neighbours in a good way.

Adopt good manners, and distinguish between good and bad manners

Preserve public property.

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