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Islamic Studies Grade 4 (9-10 years) Set

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Year 5 (Ages 9-10):

- 2 Student Books

- 2 Activity Books

On completion the student should be able to:

Know the pillars of faith (Arkaan al-Eeman) and their proofs

Provide proof for the oneness of Allah through His signs in people and in the universe

Worship Allah and not associate any partners with Him

Memorize Soorat al-Muddaththir and Soorat al-Qiyaamah

Recite the Twenty-Eighth chapter of the Noble Qur'aan correctly

Know the story of the Hijrah of the Prophet

Know some aspects of the life of ?Umar ibn al-Khattaab

Be acquainted with the rulings of wiping over the Kuffayn and similar rulings

Know the rulings of Salaatul Jumu?ah

Realise the significance of Zakah and its most important rulings

Constantly recite the recommended Adhkaar (remembrances of Allah ) before going to sleep, when awakening, and before embarking on a journey

Distinguish between the different types of friends and how to treat them