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Istikhara - In The Light Of The Sunnah

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Decisions define who we are. The paths we choose mark out
our lives-who we marry, how we make a living, even our very names-all of these
can be traced back to a decision that someone somewhere has made. This book is
an essential guide for those who want to find goodness along the paths they
have chosen in life. In this short work, the author presents a masterful
treatment of the subject of the Prophetic sunnah of Istikharah, the supplication
for those faced with a decision.

About the Author

The author, Ayub ibn Mawlana Muhammad Jeena, is an
accomplished scholar and well versed in legal verdicts (ifta). He began his
religious training at a very young age. This lead to him memorising the Quran
soon after. He then focused on recitation and the science of Quranic exegesis.
Ayub ibn Mawlana Muhammad devoted three further years to religious study and
then progressed to his main topic of interest, ifta. During this period he also
studied the science of hadith with the great scholar Fadl ar-Rahman Azami. He
currently runs an institute for higher Islamic studies.

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