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Journey Through the Quran : An Overview of All 114 Chapters

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Journey Through the Quran : An Overview of All 114 Chapters (Sharif Hasan al-Banna)

Key features, Mind-maps for each chapter For the first time in the English language, mind maps for all the chapters of the Quran have been presented. This allows one to visualize the main sections and themes of each chapter in a single page.

Key stories, Messages and lessons of the Quran Appreciate the key themes and core messages of the Quran. The Quran covers many topics and themes such as belief, spirituality, knowledge, the hereafter, piety, good actions, patience, gender relations, arrogance, humility, social justice, ethics and the art of co-existence and much more.

Summary and overview of all 114 chapters You will travel through the Quran and gain an overview and summary of each chapter. You will learn the virtues, reasons for revelation and the naming of each chapter, key concepts and an appreciation of the content of each Quranic chapter.

1000 Arabic words of the Quran Learn 1000 Arabic words from the Quran. Selected Quranic vocabulary from each chapter of the Quran has been highlighted, many of which occur frequently throughout the Quran. Quranic supplications All the supplications or Quranic duas from each chapter have been highlighted in a separate section to aid learning and memorization.

Key verses from each chapter Important verses have been selected from each chapter focusing on Islamic belief and practice, personal development lessons, Quranic maxims and verses which provide an insight into each chapter.