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Kalimah Tayibah Book Series - Books 1 to 5 Available

The Kalimah Tayibah book series has been created to help parents instil the Kalimah "“Lã ilaha illa LLãh” in the hearts of their children. The book's content is built with the latest trends in education and teaching.

For each level, each set of books includes:

  • A book that contains the lessons in details (doctrine, Islamic laws/rules, self-improvement, Prophet Mohammad’s biography –salla LLãhu alayhi wa sallam, stories of the prophets and the moral behind each)
  • An exercise and activity book

Goals of Kalimah Tayibah:

  1. Plant, in the hearts of the children, the love of Allah and His Prophet –salla LLãhu alayhi wa sallam.
  2. Raise children who follow the manners and behavior of Rasùlillãh –salla LLãhu alayhi wa sallam- in all aspects of life
  3. Teach children the three pillars of Religion: Islam, Imãn, Ihsãn

The series Kalimah Tayibah has been approved by al-Azhar al-Sharìf (Egypt) and Dar al-Fatwa (Lebanon), and recommended by many venerable scholars from all over the world:

– Dr Mohammad Saìd Ramadan al-Boutì
– Sheikh Hamza Yusuf
– Al-Habib Abu Bakr al-‘Adanì Bin Ali Al-Mash’hùr
– Dr Mazen al-Mubarak
– Dr Mohammad ‘Ajjaj al-Khatìb
– Dr Amr Khaled