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Lessons in Tajweed

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With this aim in mind Al-Kitaab teachers and students have compiled this book titled – Lessons in Tajweed – in a ‘simple to understand’ manner, so it is easily accessible for learners of all ages. Its unique design and format contains exercises by which students understand the rules of Tajweed and are encouraged to identify them using their own examples from the Quran. The worksheets allow learners to test their understanding of the rules. Interesting facts about the Quran have been added throughout the book to encourage the reader and build their love for the Quran.

Al-Kitaab Academy with first time learners of Tajweed (of all ages) confirm to me that this book is ideal for those studying Tajweed for the first time. Rules and terminologies have been written in simple English. Keeping in mind that this book is targeted at those who are at the beginning and initial stages of learning Tajweed.

Author: Al Kitaab Academy
Binding: Paper Back