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Life of Rasulullah (Madinah Period)

This 196 page full-color books is for weekend and full-time Islamic schools. Students who are in 5-10 grade will
benefit most from this textbook.

Many biographies of Rasulullah (S) are available in almost every language in the world. Most of these are very detailed,
analytical, and scholarly in nature. Only a few are written with the perspective of students in Islamic schools.
Despite the lack of meaningful biographies for schools, a detailed study of Rasulullah's (S) life has always been an
important part of the curriculum in many schools whether they are part-time Sunday schools or full-time private schools.

Outstanding features of this book:

The experiences and examples from Rasulullah's (S) life are explained in a manner that builds the moral and spiritual character of students.

The book do not simply narrates stories,
but promotes personal reflection to internalize the morals underlying Rasulullah's (S) actions and to understand the events divinely planned in Rasulullah's (S) life.

An extensive use of timelines, maps and chapter notes
aids in concept building.

Each chapter is divided in short segments with
distinct headings for ease of  reading.

The sequential development
of events and connections are maintained from chapter to chapter.