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Life of The Prophet by Leila Abouzeid

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Life of The Prophet by Leila Abouzeid
SL: 15B

The Biography Of Prophet Mohammed is the first to be written by a Muslim Woman and modern creative writer. The author wrote it in English without adding personal interpretations or comments. She wants the audience to do their own interpretations.
The Prophet Muhammad brought into the world the religion of Islam in its final form. His life denys to inspire millions and millions of people around the world.
Recent world events, bringing the world of Islam into more and more contact with other cultures around the world, many want to know more about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad in particular , this is an ideal book for those who are researching the Lifie of the Prophet of Islam.
Well written in flowing English.
Leila Abouzeid, born in 1950, is Morocco’s best known female writer. In addition to poetry, newspaper articles, short stories, and translations, she has published three books: a novel, Year of the Elephant in 1984 (translated into English in 1990), an autobiography, Return to Childhood: The Memoir of a Modern Moroccan Woman in 1993 (English translation, 1998) and in 2003, The Last Chapter, a semi-autobiographical work dwelling on identity, gender, and male-female relations. Abouzeid has deliberately chosen to write in Arabic—not in French—although many of her works have been translated into foreign languages.