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Logical Proofs For The Oneness & Perfection Of Allaah

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Logical Proofs for the Oneness & Perfection of Allaah
Know, may Allah show you mercy, that upon viewing and contemplating the upper and lower universe, all that it is endowed with of widely varying creations, and what is continuously occurring anew within it at every moment, you will come to logically know that all that is possible can be categorized within three groups: The First: That these activities and creations came into existence by themselves without a maker or creator. This is impossible and outright rejected. Logic can clearly state necessarily that this is false and it is known for certainty that whoever thinks that is closer to insanity than sanity. This is because every rational person knows that it is impossible for anything to exist without a maker and causer. The Second: That these creations originated and created their own selves. This is also impossible and outright rejected. Anyone with the least intellect is definite on the fact that something cannot originate itself just as it cannot come into existence without an originator. Once these two categories are logically and instinctually invalidated then the other category is clearly designated which is: The Third: That these creations and happening have a creator and originator that created and made them and that it is Allah the magnificent Lord, the creator of everything, disposer of everything and controller of all affairs. Accordingly, Allah alerted mankind to this logical categorization that is clear to any logical person. He said: “Were they created by nothing, or were they themselves the creators? Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Nay, but they have no firm Belief.”