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Marriage and Family Building in Islam

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Marriage and Family Building in Islam

Muslims are facing increasing challenges in building successful families and keeping them together. Some of these challenges are external in nature and are a result of the rise in extreme liberalism and materialism around us. Other challenges arise from our own internal problems such as complacency with regards to marriage and families and a poor understanding of Islam.

The purpose of this book is, first, to raise awareness among Muslims about the importance of marriage, how and when it should be done Islamically and other related issues, such as marital breakdown, divorce procedures, forced marriage and polygamy. Secondly, it highlights the features and purposes of Muslim families, the rights and responsibilities of family members, and important issues related to the family, such as extended family, domestic violence and fostering. The modern threat to the family and family values, the basic ingredients needed to make a blessed family, the ethos and principles of Muslim families, and the impediments that can cause family disharmony - all these have also been tackled briefly in a holistic way from an Islamic perspective.