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Martyrdom in Jihad versus Suicide Bombing by AbdurRahman Mahdi

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According to the religion of Islam, martyrdom in the path of the God is from the greatest of deeds, the reward for which is no less than Paradise. Whereas suicide,

On the other hand, is from the most reprehensible of deeds, the reward for which is no less than hellfire. In the history of Islam, the learned men and women of the faith have never confused the two. It is only with the proliferation of suicide bombing in our time that the clear distinction between suicide and martyrdom has become marred.

Greatly expanded and updated from its controversy-causing first draft, this book candidly tackles the emotive topic of suicide bombing head-on from the perspective of the orthodox practicing Muslim. The result makes for a highly effective counter-radicalisation tool as well as offering a unique insight into the ethos of jihad.


98 Pages