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Master The Miracles Of The Quran In 10 Days

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Master The Miracles Of The Quran In 10 Days

Many of us have heard this statement many times ‘Quran is a miracle of miracles’. We have heard this many times and we deny to hear this statement often, but the question is that what is it in the Quran that really makes the Quran a miracle? Well to find out more, by mastering the miracles in this book you will master the miracles in the Quran that you may have never heard of. When I found these amazing miracles in the Quran after every miracle that I found I asked myself this question, ‘How come I was unaware of this miracle?’ ‘Why didn’t I know about this miracle?’ some miracles amazed me where as some shocked me. I can assure you, once you start reading this book, it will not quench your thirst until you finish reading it and you would feel the same way as what I felt when I got to know about these miracles. This will only increase in knowing your creator, Allah and becoming more obedient to him since this is really the ultimate purpose of our creation..