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Muhammad in the Bible

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Professor ‘Abdu ‘-Ahad Dawud, B.D., the writer of the present series of articles is the former Reverend David Benjamin Keldani, B.D., a Roman Catholic priest of the Uniate-Caldean  sect. A brief sketch of his biography appears elsewhere.

When  asked how he came to Islam he wrote:

“My conversion to Islam cannot be attributed to any cause other than the gracious direction of the Almighty Allah. Without this Divine guidance all learning, search and other efforts to find the Truth may even lead one astray. The moment I believed in the Absolute Unity of God His Holy Apostle Muhammed became the pattern of my conduct and behavior.


Short biography of Prof. Abdul Ahad Dawud

Part 1

Muhammed in the Old Testament

Prefatory Remarks

Chapter 1: “And the Ahmad of all nations will come”

Chapter 2: The question of birthright and the convenant

Chapter 3: The mistery of the “Mispa”

Chapter 4: Muhammed is the “Shiloh”

Chapter 5: Muhammed and Constantine the Great

Chapter 6: Muhammed is the Son of Man

Chapter 7: King David calls Him “My Lord”

Chapter 8: The Lord and the Apostle of the Covenant

Chapter 9: Genuine Prophets preach only Islam

chapter 10: Islam is the Kingdom of God on earth

Part 2

Muhammed in the New Testament

Chapter 11: Islam and Ahmadiyat announced by Angels

Chapter 12: “Eudokia” means “Ahmadiyah”

Chapter 13: John the baptist anounces a powerful Prophet

Chapter 14: The Prophet fortold by the baptist was certainly Muhammed

Chapter 15: The baptism of John and Jesus only a type of the “Sibghatu Allah”

Chapter 16: The “Sibghatu Allah” or the baptism with the Holy Spirit and fire

Chapter 17: The “Paraclete” is not the Holy Spirit

Chapter 18: “Periqlytos” means “Ahmad”

Chapter 19: “The Son of Man, “ who is He ?

Chapter 20: By the Apocalyptical “Son of Man,” Muhammed is intended

Chapter 21: The Son of Man according to the Jewish Apocalypses

Author: Professor ‘Abdu ‘ Ahad Dawud
Binding: Paper Back