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Muslim Stories For Children (7 CDs) by Khurram Murad

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Listen to a compilation of stories full of moral values, interesting and exciting events to keep the family emgrossed for hours.

CD1: Love at Home – A Great Friend of Children

CD2: Stories of the Caliphs – Love All Creatures

CD3: The Persecutor Comes Home – The Brave Boy

CD4: The Long Search – The Longing Heart

CD5: The Kingdom of Justice – Love Your God

CD6: Love Your Brother, Love Your Neighbour – The Desert Chief

CD7: The Wise Poet – Stories of the Broken Idol and the Jewish Rabbi

Stories Written by: Khurram Murad & M.S Kayani

Introduced by: Ibrahim B. Hewitt

Narrated By: Zia Mohyeddin, Yusuf Islam, Maryam Davies

Muslim Stories for Childrenis a series of audio CD’s, it accompanies the popular set of 14 Children’s Story books by Khurram Murad and M.S Kayani.

Comes in a presentation storage box.