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Musnad Imam Ahmed Arabic/English (First 3 Volumes)

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Al-Marwadhi Said “I said to Ahmed ‘how are you this morning?’

He said ‘How would anyone be whose Lord is demanding that he carries out the obligatory duties, and his prophet is demanding that he follow the sunnah, and the two angels are demanding that he mend his ways, and his nafs (Inner Self) is demanding the he follow its whims and desires, and ibless (Shaytan) is demanding that he commit immoral actions, and the angel of death is watching and waiting to take his soul, and his dependants are demanding that he spend on their maintenance’

A monumental Hadeeth collection by the shaikh ul Islam Ahmed ibn Hanbal, a must have for every library of every student of knowledge, the first 3 volumes in the many volume Musnad Imam Ahmed now in the English language.

Imam An-Nawawi narrated in Tahdheebul-Asma Wal-Lughat, as did Imam Adh-Dhahabi in Siyar A’lamun-Nubala’, from Qutaibah bin Saeed that he said: “When Ath-Thawri died, piety died; when ash-shafi’I died, proper adherence to the sunnah died; when ahmed died, innovation (Bidah) emerged.”

With 4376 Ahadith (hadith) narrations in the first three volumes, the collection starts with the Biography of the noble shaikh and following chapters in the first volume.

1. Musnad Abu Bakr Siddeeq

2. Musnad Umar bin Al-Khattab

3. The Hadith of as-Saqeefah

4. Musnad Uthman Ibn Affan

5. Musnad Ali ibn Abi Talib