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My Little World - Arabic Made Easy Foundation 1

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An introduction to the Arabic letter-shapes and the direction of Arabic writing, with colouring exercises.

The Arabic alphabet, with the first picture-vocabulary list.

An alphabet table with a list of Arabic letters, their English equivalents and how they are pronounced.

A vocabulary list (sometimes more then one).

Grammar mind-maps, in full-colour for early books of the series, using English translation when necessary and colourful teaching ads.

Exercises using words from the vocabulary lists.

Tests that can be used as an end of year examinations.

Full answers for exercises and tests.

This is in addition to brief teaching and clipart/picture to assist the teaching provided in the mind-maps.

As you go up in the series, exercises involve more and more writing.

Author: Ghassan Mahir, Mariam Mahir
Binding: Paperback