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My Religion Islam - An Overview Of Its Ideology

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This book presents a much-needed authentic and impartial text in a clear, concise and coherent style for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, and methodically covers important religious and social issues in an accessible way. It will enable learned readers to understand Islamic ethics more clearly, will help to dispel unjust myths and conspiracy theories, which instigate â€ËœIslamic-phobiaâ€â„¢, and suggests what can be done to diffuse anti-Muslim propaganda, animosity and radicalism. The recipients will also find the essence of the Quran, the correlation between the Quran and everyday life issues, historical events, common misconceptions and Islamic perspectives informative, and will encourage interfaith dialogue, theological discussions, mutual respect and social cohesion among diverse beliefs and multicultural communities.





"I am deeply honored to write the introduction to this book, which is a succinct and relevant aid for anyone who desires to be prepared for informed interaction with the ever-growing Muslim world.â€Â