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My Second Phonics Sound Puzzle

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Build on your first phonics puzzle by trying My 2nd Phonics Puzzle!
A fun way to build on basic pure phonics learning the ‘digraphs’! Use your Second Phonics Puzzle to learn about ‘digraphs’- Digraphs’ are simply 2 letters grouped together to make one unit of sound.
You will be amazed at the learning possibilities by using both Phonic Sound Puzzles together. Why not use both puzzles together to encourage children to build simple words like those in the puzzle e.g. “train”, “bee”, “star”, “sheep” and many more.

Replace the Pieces to Hear:

the sound of the ‘digraph’ e.g. “ai”, “ee”, “ie”
a word that contains the ‘digraph’ e.g. “train”, “bee”, “pie”
a fun sound associated with that word and picture e.g. “train whistle”, “buzzing bee”

Learning Objectives

Encourages children to recognise and learn the sounds of the ‘digraphs’
Encourages listening skills
Enhances vocabulary and simple word formation using both puzzles
Encourages hand eye co-ordination
Encourages independant play

A fun way to learn the Gujarati Alphabet!

Suitable for children 3+ years
Made from quality wood
Comes with a Parents/Teachers guide
meets UK and European Standards for Toy Safety, EN71, CE
2x AAA batteries (included)