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Nahw Mir : A Primer in Arabic Grammar

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Table of Contents



---Biography of Imam al-Jurjani,

---An Introduction to Nahw Mir,

------Guidelines for Teachers on How to Teach

Nahw Mir


---Author's Introduction.

---Lesson [1]. The Spoken Word,

---Lesson [2]. Beneficial Sentences,

---Lesson [3]. Non-Beneficial Sentences,

---Lesson [4]. Signs of a Noun, Verb & Particle,

---Lesson [5]. The Declinable,

---Lesson [6]. Indecinable Nouns,

---Lesson [7]. The Definite and Indefinite,

---Lesson [8]. Plurality,

---Lesson [9]. Declination,

---Lesson [10]. The Imperfect Tense & its Declination,,

---Lesson [11]. Regents,

---Lesson [12]. Particles that affect the Imperfect Tense,

---Lesson [13]. Effective Verbs,

---Lesson [14]. Transitive Verbs,

---Lesson [15]. Anomalous Verbs,

---Lesson [16]. Effective Nouns,

---Lesson [17]. Semantical Regents,

---Lesson [18]. The Followers,

---Lesson [19].



Ghayr Munsarif


---Lesson [20]. Non-Active Particles.

Author: al Sayyid al Sharif Ali b. Muhammad al Jurjani, Translated by Asrar Rashid,
Binding: Hardback