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Pearls from the Path - Volume 2

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Pearls from the Path - Fascinating Anecdotes From Islamic History - Volume 2

Pearls from the Path is a collection of relevant and thought provoking incidents gathered from the books of Islamic history. A rich collection of stories with powerful lessons for everyone, Pearls from the Path will ignite your passion for Islamic history and illustrate the priceless heritage that Muslims have left for all of mankind. Discover amazing tales of heroism and bravery, marvel at the lengths that the scholars of old would go to in order to gain knowledge, be amazed at the trials that pious men have faced, and take heed from the mistakes of men through the ages. Adults can learn valuable lessons that will help them navigate the complex modern world, while the youth will learn that history has an important place in both the present and the future. Whether you want to expand your existing knowledge or introduce your family to the wonders of their Islamic heritage, this compilation of short stories will serve as an invaluable resource. For those interested in Islam, or who want to know more about Islam as a way of life, Pearls from the Path serves as an effective bridge towards the understanding of Islam and Muslims.

Quality Publication with glossy cover. 2-colour print. Includes forewords by prominent scholars of South Africa. An Ideal gift.


''There can be no doubt that one of the most effective methods of empowering oneself spiritually is to study the lives of the pious. I, therefore, strongly encourage and implore one and all to make this a 'must read'.''