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Preventative measures against Shaytan

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Preventative measures against Shaytan

Indeed It is only Shaytan that suggests to you the fear of his helpers; so fear them not; but fear Me; if you are (true) believers. Surah Al-'Imran 3:175}

When Shaytan inflicts a person with his touch it is blinding; and it obstructs the vision; but fear of Allah along with contemplation and submission to Him enables the heart to become connected with Allah. This state arouses the heart from neglecting His guidance so that those with taqwa remember; and when they make remembrance of Allah their vision is opened and covering is removed so that they become clear sighted.

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Allaah has not left mankind devoid of any equipment; for he has given them eeman that which is a shield; remembrance of him (dhikr) as preparation and the seeking of protection of him (al-isti' adhah) as a weapon. Allah has exposed the steps and methods taken by Shaytan; so that if a person neglects his shield and weapon and falls short in recognizing the plots and plans of his enemy; then his enemy will have power over him - and there is no ability or power except from Allah. If the servant of Allaah gives permission to his enemy; opens the door to his house for him; admits him therein and allows him to brandish the weapon on to fight with then he is alone to blame; and he should not blame anyone but himself. Truly it is by permission of Allah that a person once stated: 'Die in grief; for you have no excuse'.