Proofs of ProphetHood

What proof do we have that Muhammad صلی الله علیهِ وآلهِ وسلم was a true Prophet, a bearer of a Divine Message? This is one of the most important things for every Muslim to know, both for their own benefit and in order to help them to explain Islam to non-Muslims.

Every sound book that has been written about the Prophet صلی الله علیهِ وآلهِ وسلم provides solid evidence of his Prophet-hood, since they illustrate the life and character of a perfect personality - a life which no liar, imposter, or ignoble man could possibly have led. The author has consulted the authentic classical sources on sira ( biography ) and Hadith (tradition), and quotes extensively from them and from secondary literature including the writings of Orientalist scholars. He discusses at length the life of the Final Messenger, his miracles and the methods of establishing the truth of his Prophetic stature.

Dar Al Taqwa
Author: Shaykh Abdel Haleem Mahmoud
Binding: Paper Back

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Save 15% on your first order