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Prophet Muhammad The Last Messenger in The Bible

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Prophet Muhammad The Last Messenger in The Bible

This book delves into the scriptures with precision and wisdom to bring forth lost pearls and prophecies that have been overlooked for centuries. There is no denying the truth once it is visible and this book brings visibility to the truth that Prophet Muhammad, peace upon him, was to come as the last Prophet of God as stated by earlier prophets, including but not limited to Jesus and Elijah, peace be upon them both. Even shows Prophet Muhammad's coming in the buddhist and Hindu texts as well as the Zoroastrians and other religious texts. Easy and fascinating, too, by showing word-for-word translations side-by-side with several languages. Transliterations and the actual script of the languages for your comparison and further investigation. Kalby hides nothing! This gives a refreshing understanding of the depth of the original meanings and the poetry of the times. A scholarly work of art and a priceless asset to any library.