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Prophetic Way Of Treatment

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Based on the works of Imam al-Suyuti and Imam Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya on the same subject.

Islam teaches individuals and societies how to live a physically; mentally; and morally upright life. The Islamic legal system; derived from the Qur'an and sunnah (traditions of the Prophet); aims at creating a healthy environment that will have a positive effect on an individual's physical; mental; and spiritual development.

The large number of prophetic sayings in the area of medicine and health  lead to the development of an entire discipline known as al-Tibb al-Nabawi (medicine of the Prophet)  mastered by classical scholars such as Imam Suyuti and Ibn Al-Qayyim;

In this book Badr Azimabadi  uses the prophetic sayings and works of the Classical Scholars to tackle many of the contemporary as well as the traditional issues that affects Man and Society