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Qimat al-Zaman 'Ind al-'Ulama

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Compiled by the Late Great Syrian Scholar Shaykh Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghudda, Qimat al-Zaman 'Ind al-'Ulama is a collection of amazing sayings, anecdotes and wonderful stories of scholars of the Muslim Ummah about the value of time, which indicate the importance they attached to this issue.

It is a book that will inspire the youth and the old alike to spend their time wisely, constructively and avoid wasting time. The stories narrated, unimaginable as they may be, are not fables nor fairy tales, but are all authentic events that have been well documented and narrated by scholars themselves.

2011/1432 edition.

Shaykh Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghuddah was born in Syria in 1917. One of the outstanding Muslim scholars of the 20th century, Shaykh Abu Ghuddah was a leading scholar in the field of Hadith and the Hanafi school of Fiqh. He studied in Syria and Egypt specialising in Arabic Language, Hadith, Shariah and Psychology. He had many prominent teachers, amongst them Shaykh Ragib al-Tabbakh, Shaykh Ahmed ibn Muhamad al-Zaraqa, Shaykh Isa al-Bayanuni, Shaykh Ahmad al-Kurdi and the renouned Ottoman Scholar Imam al-Kawthari. He met Imam Hasan al-Banna in the 1940's and joined the Muslim Brotherhood. On his return to Syria he became very active in his da'wah work and eventually he became the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. He taught Usul al Fiqh, Hanafi Fiqh and Comaparative Fiqh at the University of Damascus. He also taught at the King Saud University and Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University. The Shaykh is also well known for bringing the knowledge of the Indian Sub-continent 'Ulama to the scholars of the Arab world. He was buried in al-Baqi Cemetry in Madinah in 1997.