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Quraan Khwaanee: The Legislative Position on Reciting to Benefit the Deceased One by Shaykh Badeeuddeen as-Sindee

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Authored by the Muhaddith, Shaykh Abu Muhammad Badee'ud-Deen Shaah ar-Raashidee as-Sindee [d. 1416H]

About this publication:

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah who said, the Messenger of Allaah (e) said, ?If a person dies, his actions cease except for three: A righteous child who makes du?aa for him, the continual charity that remains after he has died, and beneficial knowledge (that people benefit from)

A discussion on the common practise of Qur?aan Khwaanee, reciting the Qur?aan, alone or often in a group intending that the reward be granted to the deceased one. A practise that is often done to commemorate monthly or annual anniversaries of a friend or relative who passed away. This is a prevelant event which encompasses much of the Muslim world and has been passed down generation upon generation and is widely accepted and considered praiseworthy by many Muslims. The author keenly identifies several key topics relative to the discussion such as:

? The importance of following the Qur?aan and Prophetic texts as it relates to worship

? A look at the actions of the Companions, was this from their practise?

? The religion of Islaam being a complete religion with no stone left unturned

? The dangers of innovatory practises as it relates to Islaam

? The statements of the scholars of old on the topic

? A firm conclusion on the issue urging the reader to align himself with the Book and the Sunnah and to resist any acts of worship that are not from it