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Resisting The Evils In Society

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A Collection of Speeches by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani taken from Discourses on Islamic Way Of Life.

This collection consists of the following lectures:

The Meaning of Islam

Moments of Life Are Very Precious

The Believer Is a Mirror

Do Not Speak Ill of the Dead

Abstain From Sarcasm

Using What Belongs To Other People

Forbid The Disreputable

Stick To a Lawful Source of Income

Bid'ah (innovation) - A Grave Sin

Do Not Look Down Upon The Poor

On Unfair Trading

Lying, And Its Prevailing Forms

Avoid Impractical Questioning

Give Up Argument And Falsehood

The Eyes Are a Great Blessing

The Deeper Meaning of a Trust

Marriage Is a Lawful Means of Sexual Gratification

Importance Of Covenants and Promises