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ZANBEAL Sacred Reflections Islamic Gift set: Velvet Quran Box with Prayer Mat and Pearl style Tasbih

Behold a testament to the beauty of Islamic devotion with our Sacred Reflections set. At the heart of this collection lies a plush, velvet-clad Quran box, available in rich shades of dark red, bold turquoise, emerald green, and delicate pink, each adorned with the intricate golden calligraphy of Allah. Inside, it cradles a lustrous satin prayer mat, elegantly designed to inspire tranquility in your moments of reflection. Complementing the ensemble is a delicate tasbih, with pearls like beads that glisten as they glide through your fingers in meditation. This set, which merges the grandeur of tradition with a touch of modern grace, is designed to enrich your spiritual routine and serve as a precious heirloom for generations to come.