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Salaat Made Easy with Masnoon Duas

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A few years ago the author compiled a book by the name of "A'inah-e-Namaz" in which the important rulings and virtues of salaat were mentioned in detail. Thereafter, it was felt that there should be a concise book for children to teach salaat and it should be simple in language so that it is suitable for the syllabus of madaaris and makaatib as well as primary schools. Hence, this booklet was prepared.

It includes the important wordings of salaat, important rulings, method of wudhu and guusl, method of salaat, rak'aat, niyahs, sajdatus-sahw, sajdatu-tilawah, salaat-ul-Jumu'ah, salaat-ul-Janazah, salaat-ul-Eid ect. explained in a manner easy for children to understand.

The rulings have been taken from authentic books of Hanafi fiqh and the hadith from Mishkaat.

Forty duas along with their translation have been added at the end, which have been taken form Hisn Haseen and Mishkaat.