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Salaat: The Islamic Prayer from A to Z

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Salaat: The Islamic Prayer from A to Z

What could be the most comprehensive book on salaat for those wishing to learn it; review it; or teach it. Includes full colour photos of actual steps of the salat (including wudu; preparation; and more.) A must have for every Muslim! A fully-illustrated guide to Islamic prayer based on the Qur'an & Sunnah. 160 pages of full colour.

This book contains:
- 25 Tables & Charts
- 35 Golden Tips
- 40 Supplications
- 85 Step-by-step Photos
- 120 Authentic Evidences
- 150 Q&A (Fatwaas)
- 175 Common Errors in Salaat
- A comprehensive Glossary
- A unique way to learn/teach Salaat
- How to gain khushuu' in Salaat
- How to train kids to perform Salaat
- It promotes unity among Muslims
- It addresses cultural diversity