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Secrets of Salah

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English rendering of a wonderful work by Imam Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya outlining the spiritual dimensions of salah, and how it should be approached by a believer. A brief chapter from the original work Asrar al-Salat has been omitted as it was considered abstruse for the average person.

This book contains the English translation with the original Arabic text separately, reading from right to left.

English rendering by Umm Hamza. English translation is 52 pages long.

''Then the slave reads takbir and draws near and falls down in prostration. Each limb of his body participates in the devotion inherent in Sajdah. Thus, he places his forehead on the ground before his Lord, rubbing his nose before Him, surrendering his heart, and presenting his body's noblest features i.e. his face on the ground.''