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Shirk According to Scholars from the Four Madhabs by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Khumayyis

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The Followers of the Imams Abu Haneefah, ash-Shafi, Malik, Ahmad and others have exerted great effort in promoting tawheed and averting shirk. So the matter is not as some think that only the Hanbali scholars combated innovation and the shirk of the Quburiyyah and others. I have maintained that I shall not quote anything from Shaykh ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, his student al-Allamah Ibn ul-Qayyim or from Imam Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab (rahimahumullah) and his offspring.This is because I desired to show the concern of this serious issue with the Hanbali scholars and to avoid it seemong as if those scholars mentioned have a monopoly on the subject and went into the issue the most, to the extent that some of the ignoramuses attach issues related to aqeedah to 'Wahhabism' and the likes.


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