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Silent Moments

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Silent Moments

Abu Hazim said: "Trade of the Hereafter is not sought after; and whatever is left of it; is about to finish! As a result; no part of it; minor or major; will remain." Whenever the light went out in the house of Hisham bin Abu Abdullah; he would turn around in his bed until his wife brought a light for him. So she asked him why he felt anxious when the light went off and he replied; "When the light goes off; I remember the darkness of the grave."

This is why AI-Mu'tasim used to say when he was dying; "If I knew that my life would be this short; I would not have committed what I committed."

Also; Caliph AI-Muntasir said at the time of death; when he was wished well; "All will happen except being well! Life has gone away and the Hereafter has come."

Ibn Mas'ud ~ once said: "The believer will not attain comfort until he meets ALLAH"

Life is Just like a dream that passes as fast as clouds. It is a mere hour of time that soon fades away. It is a journey that has already started and will soon come to an abrupt end.