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Sins and their evil effects

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This book, penned by the great Classical Scholar Imam Abdur Rahman ibn al-Jawzi, is about sins and their ill effects.

Imam Abdur Rahman ibn al-Jawzi creates an awakening in his readers by pointing out these ill effects.He says that the root of sins lies in arrognace, greed and jealousy.

Among the effects of sins is a diminished ability to do pious deeds and a reduced inclination to remember Allah.

This is a unique book on this subject.

English Translation by Rafique Abdur Rahman

'Abd al-Rahman ibn al-Jawzi al-Hanbali(509/510-597) was the Imam of Hanbalis and foremost orator of kings and commoners in his time, whose gatherings reportedly reached one hundred thousand. A hadith master, philologist, commentator of Qur'an, expert jurist, physician, and historian of superb character and exquisite manners. Ibn al-Jawzi was a prolific author of over seven hundred books.

Jamal al-Din Abu' I-Faraj 'Abu al-Rahman b. Ali, popularly known as Ibn al-Jauzi,  was the author of a vast number of works - theological, historical, biographical, medical, philological, and entertaining - of which several have been printed in recent times. He was famous as a preacher and the traveller Ibn Jubair gives an enthusiastic account of two of his sermons heard in Baghdad.