Sufism and Islam

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Many Muslims look into their hearts today and find a spiritual emptiness. Speeches abound; but when the chairs are folded up and people go home; they find their prayers and inner life as dry as ever. Something is clearly missing. This essay shows that at the centre of the Islamic revelation; there is a brilliant light that has never been put out; but in our time has been covered over by the bushel-basket of modernist and Muslim-reform literature It proves from the Qur'an and sunna that from the very beginning of Islam; there has been a fully orthodox and operational science for increasing the impetus and intensity of one's relationship with the Divine; a traditional spirituality that is today called 'Sufism'; in all previous Islamic eras was simple known and practised as 'the way to Allah'. It discusses critics of Sufism; ancient and modern; and shows that if the false coin has sometimes circulated among Muslims; the real thing is the brightest hope Islam has to offer a world benighted by nihilism and materialism.

Author: Nuh Keller
Binding: Paper Back

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