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Tafsir Suratul Hadeed by Imam Sadee

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Imam As Sadee said "The most high has informed us about His majesty, His sublimity, and the vastness of His Rule. All of which is on the Heavens and the Earth, form the speaking and silent animals and so forth, and the inanimate things, all glorify the Praise of their Lord Allah swt. They declare Him to be above that which does not befit his Loftiness. They submit to His might. The traces of His wisdom had become apparent upon time and for this He said, AND HE IS THE ALL-MIGHTY, THE ALL WISE."

So this statement within it is a clarification of the higher and lower creations, total need of their Lord throughout all of their circumstances. In addition, it clarifies the prevalence of His might and force over all things, the extent of His wisdom and command.

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