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Tajweed Quran With meaning translation & transliteration into English with Pen

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Tajweed Quran With meaning translation & transliteration into English with Pen

This version of the Quran comes with the Meanings Translation into English, and Transliteration, it is a great help for non Arabic speakers learners and reciters, the translation will help in understanding the meanings of the Ayas (verses) and the transliteration will help in learning the recitation of the Quran, you can use the read pen to listen to the Aya then try to recite as heard, following either with the Arabic text or the English transliteration. The colour coded Tajweed rules will make recitation in Tajweed much easier. All Tajweed rules are explained at the end of the Quran, beside other useful indexes such as the subjects' index.

With the read pen, you can choose your favourite reciter and/or narration (riwaya), listen to the aya, record your recitation, and play it back to correct your mistakes. The Quran script is the Obvious Script, with the Permissible Stops, and the Color Coded Tajweed rules on every page.

Specifications and Features:
1. Read and listen to the Quran's verses with tajweed rules.
2. Meaning translations on the margins; and transliteration pages are in English language.

3.Choose to listen to Quran recitation in the voice of five of the world's most popular reciters: Menshawi, Lahoni, Sudais, Ghamidi and Huthaify.
4. Choose to listen to famous reciters in any of the following narrations (Rewayat): Hafs, Warsh and Qaloon.
5. Great tool to learn and memorize Quran and tajweed rules by recording your own recitation, replay, compare and correct.
6. Quran topics index.
7. Color Surahs names index.
8. Tajweed Rules explained in Arabic and English
9. Approximately 6 Hours of continuous play
10. Lithium Battery and charger included.