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Talking Book Series – Part 30 of the Noble Quran

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Talking Book Series – Part 30 of the Noble Quran

Revolutionary new product by Darussalam which allows one to interactively listen to The Noble Quran and listen to its meanings in English. Utilize it to study & memorize the Quran & correct your pronunciations. Hear an Ayah or Surah and then press the Language button to hear the English meanings.
Talking Book Series - Book Three - Part 30 of the Noble Quran with Recitation in the voice of Imam-e-Kaba Sheikh Abdur-Rahman As-Sudais & Sheikh Saud Ash-Shuraim. Also includes important supplicaitons at the end of the book - read outloud in Arabic followed by English translation and lessons (if any).
Presently, Part 30 of the Noble Qur'an is in your hands along with some supplications. The Arabic recitation is by Imams of Haram: Sheikh Safi-ur-Rahman Assuasive and Sheikh Saudi Hashish while the translation is by Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali and Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan. The text printed in blue color in the book is only for explanation and interpretation, therefore, it has not been recorded.
We are hopeful that this project will be appreciated highly for the purpose of reciting correctly and memorizing the Noble Qur'an.